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Product Detail

Control Plansifter (Jumbo)

APPLICATIONS Control sifters are used for controlling the production at plants that is ground grain (flour mill, maize mill etc.) before packaging. The sifter is produced according to required capacity up to from 13 to 15 sieves. Secondly using field is that at low capacity and have space problems of the paint is used four mounting everywhere. OPERATION Control sifters have got hanging chassis for it is own. By means of chassis, the sifter is mounted on the floor. The chassis is built as very strong steel construction. Sifter is driven by electric motor that is mounted at rear of middle. Also by the weights, shaking diameter of sifter can be adjusted. ADVANTAGES - Low maintenance long working period, - Need very less room, - Noiseless working, - Very easy assembly and disassembly, •A good easiness for flour mill.

Type Capacity (Flour)
t / h
MCKE-Jumbo 12 - 15 2.2 1500 6.9